ASSET’s second beneficiary is a young man named Julius K. As is required for all ASSET beneficiaries, we interviewed Julius to learn about his life experiences, his motivations to study, and his educational and career goals.

This is Julius K’s profile

Age: 23
Name of school / Institution you attend: Kyambogo University
Portion of program completed: ¼
GPA: 3.67 GPA

Below are the highlights from our conversation with Julius

ASSET: Tell us about your family and upbringing.

Julius K: I was brought up in a big family. I am one of the youngest. I lost my mother when I was about 12 years old; I was in primary seven at the time.

ASSET: How far have you gone in your education?

Julius K: I have a Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management from Kyambogo University and am now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the same field. I intend to achieve even more professional qualifications in this and other fields.

ASSET: Describe the circumstances that have caused you to need assistance

Julius K: Being part of a very big family, there are a lot of responsibilities and priorities to be considered; this leaves my chances of getting enough support for my higher education and career development initiatives thin.

ASSET: Describe your educational goals.

Julius K: I intend to successfully complete my degree, after which, I intend to attain certification from CIPS, an internationally recognized procurement institution based in Denmark and affiliated to Multi-Tec Accountancy Program in Uganda. I think this will help make me more competent in my profession at an international level.

ASSET: Describe your career goals.

Julius K: I intend to practice my profession in organizations that help the poor and reduce poverty; organizations like the United Nations. They all need the value adding abilities of professional Logisticians in their operations. I would also like to someday run my own procurement agency to help organizations realize the value and cost minimization abilities that could be attained by properly managing a supply chain.

ASSET: How do you think this scholarship will help you achieve these goals?

Julius K: It will provide me with the financial support I need to finish my degree and pursue a career in procurement and supply chain management.

ASSET: Why do you think you are a good candidate for an ASSET scholarship?

Julius K: I am a hard working individual and I try to use a wide range of strategies to achieve my goals. For example, in my degree program at Kyambogo University, I keep a very organized schedule, do all my assignments on time and have cultivated a wide network of strong relationships in and outside school to enable me to successfully complete my studies and prepare me for the professional world. My only hindrance is the financial need, which this scholarship can meet.

ASSET: What other financial support do you receive for your studies?

Julius K: I receive housing (hostel) and up keep allowances.

ASSET: Provide an estimate of the financing you need to get back on the path to completing your study program?

Julius K: Ushs 2.75million inclusive of hostel fees for the next three semesters.

ASSET: Describe a challenge that you have faced in the past and what you did to overcome it.

Julius K: Before I moved in with my Dad, I lived with my Mum, a single mother who didn’t have a lot. When I was 12 years while in my first term of primary seven, she passed away. This affected my performance in both the primary leaving finals exam (PLE) and the initial stages of secondary school. When I went live with my Dad, my stepmother was not very nice to me. This led to a loss of self-confidence and motivation on my part. My mother has always taught me to be strong and courageous. I took on sports and this allowed me to make friends take my mind off my circumstances. I also took an interest in history and economics and started to work harder at my studies. My self-confidence and motivation returned and I excelled in my secondary school studies to successfully make it to University.

ASSET: What are your interests? What do you do in your free time?

Julius K: I love to travel, watch and play football and hang out with my friends.