>After the Board passed a resolution on where to have the organization’s bank account, it was hard not to think of how tedious it would be to have to write out the entire name “Allied Solutions for Sustainable Education & Trust” every time somebody wrote us a check. The check writing is not yet happening as often as we would like but the thought crossed our minds just the same. That concern was recently remedied; now our organization can be referred to as ASSET on all official documentation and checks can be written out to ASSET. So for all those who were holding back on account of this one impediment, go ahead and open up your check books. We have several students who have been vetted and are simply waiting for us to find the resources to help them get back to school. It has been our policy not to post any profiles of students who haven’t been funded yet as that raises hopes without any concrete promise in place. As always thank you for your interest and support.