>We are glad to have as the newest addition to our beneficiaries, a young man called Moses. We recently sat down with Moses for a chat and this is what he had to say:

ASSET: Tell me about your family and upbringing.

Moses: I am from a family of 13 children currently 9 and I am the 6th with all parents who are peasants that have managed to up bring the 9 children however at a low level of education as I am the first to step in High school.

ASSET: How far have you gone in your education?

Moses: HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL (form five)

ASSET: Describe the circumstances that have caused you to need assistance?

Moses: Poor economic back ground

ASSET: Describe your educational goals.

Moses: A Bachelors degree followed by Law School.

ASSET: Describe your career goals.

Moses: I would like to go into the field of Law.

ASSET: How do you think this scholarship will help you achieve these goals?

Moses: Through provision of school fees and other scholastic materials

ASSET: Why do you think you are a good candidate for an ASSET scholarship?

Moses: I am a hard working student but I am needy. I require support.

ASSET: What other financial support do you receive for your studies?

Moses: Personal support through casual works

ASSET: Describe a challenge that you have faced in the past and what you did to overcome it.

Moses: Missed school for fours, gone for casual work and saved to complete O LEVEL in 2009

ASSET: What are your interests? What do you do in your free time?

Moses: Bible reading, praying football, visiting Elders and attending gardens