>We recently sat down with Chris M., our first beneficiary, to learn about his life, his motivations to study, and his educational and career goals.

Chris M’s Profile:

Age: 23

Name of school / Institution attended: Makerere University Business School

Portion of study program completed: ¾ of Bachelor’s Degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Current GPA: 4.16

Highlights from our conversation with Chris M appear below.

ASSET: Tell us about your family and upbringing.

Chris M: I come from a broken family. My parents divorced when I was very young and I have grown up with only my dad. We are seven children, three girls and four boys. I attended good schools, for example Namilyango College, Old Kampala SSS and Katikamu SDA Wobulenzi where I completed my “A” Level. I benefited from a few scholarships due to my good performance and I am now at in University.

ASSET: Describe the circumstances that have caused you to need assistance

Chris M: One of the major circumstances that caused me to need assistance was that my dad could not provide for all of us due to the fact that we were a large family and his income was very low.

ASSET: Describe your educational goals.

Chris M: After my degree, I would like to pursue a professional course called CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supplies). Thereafter, I would also want to pursue a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management.

ASSET: Describe your career goals.

Chris M: Since I am studying a business course, I would like to be a successful businessman and also get involved in charitable activities of helping the needy like orphans and other disadvantaged people. This would be my way of giving back to the Society, since the same thing has been done to me.

ASSET: How do you think this scholarship will help you achieve these goals?

Chris M: Since one of my dreams is to be a successful businessman, this Scholarship will help me complete my business degree. This will equip me with business skills; ideas and experience, which in turn will enable me to make money and attain the financial stability I need to meet my goals.

ASSET: Why do you think you are a good candidate for an ASSET scholarship?

Chris M: I think am a good candidate for an ASSET Scholarship because of my good performance in school and my will to continue with my education despite my circumstances.

ASSET: What other financial support do you receive for your studies?

Chris M: I have received funds to buy textbooks that I use in my studies as well as other scholastic materials like pens and calculators.

ASSET: Provide an estimate of the financing you need to get back on the path to completing your study program

Chris M: Since this is my last Semester, I need about 1 Million Uganda Shillings, which is equivalent to USD 500. This would cover tuition, research project fees, transport and textbooks.

ASSET: Describe a challenge that you have faced in the past and what you did to overcome it.

Chris M: I faced the challenge of peer pressure, which used to force me to make wrong decisions. I used to disobey my teachers and parents and I was very proud over nothing. I took advantage of my friends, which was really very bad because it was destroying my reputation in school and at home. I overcame this by adopting Godly values, consulting my superiors and reading books or novels of great authors. This changed my life.

ASSET: What are your interests? What do you do in your free time?

Chris. M: My interests are readying novels, magazines and newspapers. I also like playing and watching football.