>There are some new and exciting developments at ASSET.

Recently we finalized the designing and printing of the ASSET brochure. It provides a brief and hopefully clear description of our vision, our mission, our beneficiaries and our approach to achieving our goals. These brochures will be one of the primary means by which we will make ASSET known to potential partners and perhaps enable us to garner some much needed support for our work. The production of these brochures was financed by Chris & Heather Lukolyo while the design and print work was done by Ruth Tile.

Another new development was the reciept of our very first donations from the following people:

– Cynthia Haq – $100
– Shara Haq – $100
– Chris & Heather Lukolyo – $100

To these individual and all others who have shown support in various ways we are thankful. Some have not given money but have given their time and guidance.