>I started receiving assistance from Asset at the beginning of my second year of study. Currently, I am in second semester of the same year and still benefiting from it.My over all evaluation of the previous semester is that it was a fair; not too good and not too bad. It wasn’t too good because I joined my colleagues after a lot had been covered; catching up with them was not easy since it necessitated me to sacrifice so as to bridge that gap. I had five course units to take up among them were; understanding worldviews, Ugandan Economy, intermediate micro Economics, management of Organizations and Quantitative methods for Economists. I scored a GPA of 4.30 showing a decline compared to the previous semester.In addition to the above, I also carried out some business field work Education during my holiday. The university required each one of us to look for a particular organization to enable us practice what we had been studying theoretically. I took my placement letter to some organizations like the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development, Orient Bank and Kawempe Division headquarters but I did not succeed. I ended up applying to a primary school where I was placed in the office of the school bursar. This was a very great experience outside the class room work.Further more, during the previous semester, I faced the problem of late registration where I received tuition past the deadline and this was during the last week of grace where each one of us that pays in that week is required to pay fine shillings 50,000. Getting that money was a tag of war because I did not have it and neither did my parents since they are not financially stable. I solved this by sharing with one of my course mates who lent me that fee and I later repaid it.This semester, I reported a little bit early, that is after two weeks of study, and managed to catch up. The biggest challenge faced so far was how to raise the hostel fee since the management had some problems. During my field work, my agency supervisor was so pleased with my work so she had given me an appreciation of shillings 200,000. This amount helped to pay half the hostel fee and used the rest to shop for school supplies. The land Lord had refused but later he accepted and gave me two weeks to clear, good enough I received shillings 100,000 from Asset and cleared.In conclusion, although I have faced many challenges during the course of my study, I am grateful to the Almighty God for having created a way through ASSET. This has given me great hope for the future knowing that I have people who not only provide assistance but also believe in me. Thank you very much and long live ASSET.