>Here’s an update from Chris M, one of ASSET’s beneficiaries, who just completed his undergraduate studies with assistance from ASSET.

“With the tuition grant from ASSET, I was able to complete my bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply Chain Management in May 2009. My last semester at University consisted of five course units including strategic procurement, procurement contracts management, logistics and distribution management, human resource management, elements of taxation as well as an individual research project.

“I had some difficulty completing my research project however, because I had to look for a lot of information from the Internet, which is rather slow, and also to read many books yet I had to study for other course units too. My research was about inventory management information systems like the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and many other systems. Despite the challenges, I worked hard and completed the research well before my final exams so I was able to study for those as well.

“Completing this degree program required for me to be organized and focused. I learned to manage my time effectively and was committed to my goals.

“My next step is to pursue the internationally recognized certification by the Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply offered at the Uganda Management Institute.”