A note of gratitude from ASSET student Sylvia N. Sylvia is in her second year of nursing school in Uganda.

To Asset Management Team,

It’s with great pleasure that I send this message. I began my first semester of second year two days ago and am doing well. We are going to be in clinical area for 2 weeks on day duty and then for 4 weeks on night day and then resume block study. That’s how I am fairing at school now, but it’s not the main reason I send this.

This comes to pass on my gratitude for your help in my education. I reported with all my tuition paid and with all my requirements and all I have to do is to work hard and excel. Thank you for believing in me and I promise not to let you down but to raise, maximize my potential to be the best I can.

The time we had at Emerald Hotel for the ASSET Leadership Symposium was great. I came to know more about ASSET and what it takes for me to succeed. Thanks to ASSET staff for coming over to Uganda to have time with us.

I have not got last semester results yet but will send them as soon as I get them.

I wish you all the best in all your endeavors in 2011.

Yours faithfully,

Sylvia N.