>Successful Beneficiaries

It has been a while since we updated you on activities at ASSET. As always we appreciate your support and interest. There is indeed a lot to fill you in on.
Since our last update ASSET has continued to support old and new beneficiaries. Two of these beneficiaries, Julius K and Chris M, recently completed their undergraduate degree programs. Both Julius and Chris have been pursuing degrees in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Julius however was enrolled in Kyambogo University while Chris was enrolled in Makerere University Business School.
Needless to say, the team at ASSET is very proud of these two fine young men who must now embark on the task of finding employment. Luckily we provide career guidance as well.
For each beneficiary, it has costs about $500 per semester in tuition and related scholastic materials (these differ between institutions). For Julius and Chris, the annual fees were as follows:

Julius K
Total = $1,117.02
Tuition = $452 per semester (x2) = $904
Research and housing per year = $213.02

Chris M
Tuition = $491.40 per semester (x2) = $982.80
Research per year = $81.03